Benefits Restaurant Patio Heaters Social Distancing Covid-19

Benefits of Restaurant Outdoor Patio Heaters in Providing Comfortable Outdoor Social Distancing Options During COVID-19 Pandemic

The arrival of COVID-19 changed the way restaurants operated, and it especially opened more businesses to the benefits of a restaurant outdoor patio heater, to expand their seating options for their patrons. Within the dining and restaurant industry we see a combination of the following: Some restaurants temporarily shut down while others expanded their options such as offering delivery, curbside-pickup or drive-thru service, where they hadn’t before. But, the market is still strong for sit-down restaurants if they can offer comfortable and safe options for their clients. They no longer have to operate at a loss. They can effectively continue serving patrons even with the new norms of social distancing in effect, by offering heated outdoor patio seating as an option for their clients to choose from. 

At Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters, we pride ourselves on being the experts on patio heating—we offer the best solution to restaurateurs during these uncertain times. While we are located in Palm Springs, CA, we provide outdoor patio heating to all the US. With over 18 years of experience, we’ve got an edge in the outdoor patio heater industry. 

At Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters we have a wide range of inventory options but most are classified under three primary patio heater types that are available for restaurant owners: electricnatural gas, or propane. With so many outdoor patio heater options available, there’s always something to fit every budget, style and design needs—this includes everything from affordable patio heating systems which includes electric and natural gas heaters that won’t break the bank. 

Not only do we frequently offer summer sales and savings on our products, but our company focuses on no hassle returns in case you decide that a heater isn’t for your restaurant. 

Let’s take a deeper look at a few of the benefits of a restaurant outdoor patio heater during COVID-19 below, including greater airflow, social distancing, and warming up during colder weather. 

Outdoor Patios Offer Greater Airflow

There is a lot of talk about the importance of airflow during this pandemic. The spread of COVID-19 is mostly through respiratory droplets. These droplets travel through the air when people talk, eat, or sing. Because outdoor patio spaces provide greater airflow, there is a lower risk of a COVID-19 droplet reaching your customers. By utilizing your heated outdoor dining areas the air is not trapped and is free to circulate, and smells do not linger in outdoor patio areas. That, combined with a lower risk of getting exposure, helps restaurants provide patrons a safe and enjoyable experience.

Indoor spaces are notorious for trapping air. Inside a restaurant, customers experience a plethora of smells. People are eating, cooking, and cleaning. With the greater focus on air flow in restaurants these fragrances were once part of the atmosphere, now with the virus concerns it brings air flow to the forefront into the average consumer’s mind. So now all the smells involved with dining out activities become trapped in the air and leave patrons with a negative experience of feeling like there isn’t enough fresh air and easy airflow. 

By utilizing your restaurant’s outdoor patio this is a perfect way for you as the restaurant owner to provide a safe environment for your customers because they are not enclosed. Customers can enjoy their meals while breathing fresh air. There are no unpleasant smells, plenty of fresh air, great airflow, and patrons have a decreased exposure risk.

Social Distancing is Better Executed with Outdoor Patio Spaces

Because research suggests that the coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets, restaurant owners need to execute social distancing protocols effectively. An outdoor patio space is perfect for social distancing.

Restaurants with a cozy heated outdoor patio space find it easier to place tables the recommended six feet apart. Social distancing doesn’t mean a restaurant has to forfeit a lively atmosphere. Our outdoor patio heaters help restaurants provide a climate-controlled outdoor patio space perfect for keeping your establishment looking great while following recommended guidelines, and granting your patrons peace of mind to enjoy themselves while staying comfortable and safer. 

Outdoor Patio Heaters Allow Restaurants to Provide Social Distancing in Cooler Months

Summer is coming to a close, and cooler months are right around the corner. For businesses without a restaurant outdoor patio heater, this time of the year and the pandemic could equal a significant loss in sales. 

In states such as Montana, Alaska, Utah, and all of New England, cooler temperatures come sooner rather than later. While the country is still practicing social distancing, restaurateurs must extend their sales opportunities. Offering a heated patio area that keeps your customers comfortable as they eat can do just that. 

The southern part of the U.S., such as Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida, can still use commercial patio heaters to keep patrons toasty warm during the cool autumn nights. With the right system, patrons can enjoy a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico or a lighted cityscape in comfort. 

The cooler months ahead mean less daylight. That fact, coupled with the months of quarantine and lockdown, will provide your business with many patrons looking to get out. Your restaurant can offer a delicious meal, peace of mind with outdoor seating, along with the comforting warmth of the use of an outdoor patio heater. 

Making the Most Effective Use of Space

Sit-down restaurants have taken a seismic hit during the COVID- 19 pandemic. People have turned to changes in how they dine out. Fine dining has been hit hard, with nearly half-closed. But by being adaptive and by utilizing a custom configuration of outdoor patio heaters this will provide you with further options to take care of your clients and help you avoid being on the  closed list. 

Families, couples, and individuals need a break from their own kitchens, and with your great food, friendly service and providing outdoor seating with our restaurant patio heaters can make your restaurant look all the more enticing. Couples can meet face to face and enjoy a romantic dinner together. The single population can dive into something other than a TV dinner. 

Restaurant owners can keep sales up when they effectively use their space. An outdoor patio area can be an extension of the dining area as it can keep customers coming in droves despite social distancing requirements, a heated patio makes all the difference. For restaurants that are just opening back up, patio space and commercial outdoor patio heaters can help jumpstart your business again. 

We don’t know how long COVID-19 will affect restaurants around the country. What we do know is that we can keep restaurants in business during these uncertain times by providing you with more options to gain valuable clients and keep you, your staff and your patrons happy and safer.

We have just hit a few of the many benefits of providing a heated outdoor patio space for your patrons. Restaurant owners can benefit from an outdoor patio heater because they are utilizing all the space they have and practice social distancing effectively. Our outdoor patio heaters will help customers stay comfortable and enjoy a night out during a lockdown. Owners in turn are also able to provide delicious meals, provide income stability for themselves and their staff even as COVID-19 extends into cooler months.  

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