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Sunpak is American-made commercial heaters with ceiling mounts create seamless look to any outdoor venueSunpak is made in the USA and is one of the leaders in patio heating. Sunpaks's overhead heaters are non-intrusive and allow for more free space around the heater which makes aisles easier to navigate. Now, you don't have to send someone back and forth to refill the portable tanks because Sunpak has a direct gas hookup. Sunpak also has a weather resistant housing which will protect it for years.

Sunpak is a perfect choice for cutting down your gas bill and making any environment much more enjoyable. Sunpak heaters are available in Natural Gas and Propane. All Sunpaks come with brackets and transformers.

A pioneer in the outdoor heating industry, Sunpak has provided thousands of patio heating units to companies and residential homes throughout North America for decades. At Advanced Systems Company, we proudly distribute Sunpak heaters for commercial heating solutions. Commercial businesses can rely on Sunpak heaters to provide great outdoor and indoor heating options for every setting, including patios, stadiums, mechanical garages, and warehouses.

If your work facility is often drafty or exposed to outdoor air, infrared natural gas heaters keep your employees and customers warm, comfortable and healthy. Ceiling or wall-mounted heaters also help you comply with OHSA requirements to provide a safe working environment.

Benefits of natural gas or propane heaters from Sunpak include:

Today, you can purchase a brand new Sunpak heater accompanied by a twin stage wireless remote that allows you to toggle between low heating output (25,000 BTU) to high (34,000 BTU). The ability to increase heating range gives you the opportunity to provide more comfort when needed. Weather can be unpredictable, and with Sunpak’s remote options, you can adjust your heating at a moment’s notice.

If you are looking to add heaters to your business to provide heating comfort, look no further than Advanced Systems Company. As an authorized distributor of Sunpak, we can help you make the most educated heater selection to meet your unique needs. We guarantee the lowest prices in the market and unbeatable shipping options! We also provide limited lifetime warranties on most Sunpak heater models.

Shop our entire commercial outdoor patio heater selection today. We offer:

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