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Calcana heaters are excellent for commercial uses including mechanical garages, warehouses, patio areas, stadiums and storefront walkways. You can mount infrared heaters by Calacana overhead or on the wall with a tilt towards your designated areas. The heat disperses with infrared waves, and the heating technology gently heats up the floor beneath it creating a dual heat source for long-term effect with high efficiency. You can operate these radiant heaters with the flick of a switch in high or low heating output. Ask us for assistance in choosing the right Calcana commercial heater for you!

Calcana commercial heaters are available in 11.6 feet, 16.6 feet and 21.6 feet lengths, all with the same sleek look and adjustable heat range, and must be vented. Keep your warehouse, airplane hangar or any commercial facility warm and comfortable. Increase productivity and reduce your heating bills by up to 30% to 40% when upgrading to a Calcana commercial heater from a conventional forced air commercial heater.

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Calcana Heaters are made to be easy to install download the manual or check out one of these videos.

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