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Get the Best in Commercial Electric Heating with Schwank Products. These High-Output Heaters Use Radiant Heat to Save Money for Patio Uses for Bars, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and More!

In the hospitality business, the comfort of the customer means everything. This includes keeping them warm in patio dining spaces and any other outdoor sitting areas. During the colder months, loss of patio revenue is a big risk across the U.S. because customers will not likely want to endure the cold in outdoor areas.

The commercial electric heaters from Schwank are the solution that many restaurants, bars, sporting arenas, shopping centers, and concert venues are looking for. The selling feature for Schwank is the radiant heat output thanks to our infrared technology, which operates by reflecting any heat output allowing for operation that is more efficient.

What Should I Know about Operating Commercial Heating Products from Schwank?

When purchasing an electric Schwank heater, there are three control options available to help make operations quick, efficient and almost hands-free. Choose from a single-bulb switch, a variable knob or the two-stage zone switch. All three of these options are popular with commercial outdoor spaces at restaurants, bars, hotel/resorts, transit stops, and sporting arenas.

The wattage of electric patio heaters does, in fact, matter, so here is a guide to determine which model has the best output for desired commercial spaces.

  • Energy Consumption
  • Lowest
  • Standard
  • Highest
  • Voltage Connection
  • 120V
  • 208/240V
  • 277/480V
  • Output (Watts)
  • 1000 Watts and Lower
  • 1000-2500 Watts
  • 3000 Watts and Up


Schwank models are no more than 33-inches wide and provide up to 1000 Watts of warmth. While the smaller size means the models require less space, it also means that more units will be needed for optimal heat coverage. The ones with the most Wattage are longer length models that will provide more heat output per unit.

There are several mounting options for Schwank patio heaters, though some come at an additional cost. Traditionally, buyers can opt for ceiling or wall mounts. Many outdoor commercial heaters today can be flush with the ceiling and have a lower clearance to combustibles due to recent improvements to heating safety technology. Others may elect for a more industrial look with heaters suspended by chains or gripples, both of which cost an additional fee.

Get personalized shopping assistance with Schwank commercial patio heaters by calling: 1-800-549-5077. Here are the models we carry, so browse and let us know if you have any other questions!

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