Bromic Master (42CH) Remote for Dimmer Controller




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This remote will make managing your heat such a breeze. Offering this user-programmable customization, the Bromic Master Remote gives you full control over an unlimited number of Electric Heater Controllers in up to 6 zones within it’s 100 ft range. Featuring 42 transmission channels, this remote can be user programmed to suit individual needs or larger scale applications.

  • Compactly designed
  • Easy to pair
  • Controls up to 42 channels, or an unlimited number of controllers in up to 6 groups within 100 ft range
  • Includes a mount and hardware
  • Must be purchased in conjunction with BH3130010 (on/off module) or BH3130011 (dimmer module)
  • This remote will not work if not purchased with above listed and is not compatible with Eclipse dimmer controls
  • For use with electric heaters

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