Bromic Platinum & Tungsten Gas Ceiling Mount Poles




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Bromic Gas Mounting Poles ensure that your gas heater will be suspended at the right height (between 8’ and 9’), so it delivers the optimum amount of heat. Designed for both Tungsten and Platinum Gas Collections. Made out of steel material in a black finish.

  • 6 different sizes to suite a variety of ceiling heights
  • Designed to safely extend your Smart-Heat patio heater from ceiling
  • Heater not included


  • 9.69” requires minimum ceiling height of 10’4”
  • 13.62” requires minimum ceiling height of 10’ 8”
  • 17.56” requires minimum ceiling height of 11’
  • 25.43” requires minimum ceiling height 11’ 8”
  • 33.31” requires minimum ceiling height 12’ 4”
  • 41.18” requires minimum ceiling height of 13’

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246mm (9.69”) For 3.2m (10’4”) Ceiling, 346mm (13.62”) For 3.3m (10’8”) Ceiling, 446mm (17.56”) For 3.4m (11’) Ceiling, 646mm (25.43”) For 3.6m (11’8”) Ceiling, 846mm (33.31”) For 3.8m (12’4”) Ceiling, 1046mm (41.18”) For 4m (13’) Ceiling

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