Bromic Tungsten Electric Heater Tube Suspension Kit

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This Bromic Suspension Pole kit is designed for the Tungsten Electric heater to provide the necessary suspension pole for hanging your Tungsten Electric Heater from a higher ceiling. The suspension pole helps provide heat directly to the gathering below, while still allowing directional control.

  • Available in either black or white finish to match the standard Tungsten heaters
  • 36” long tubes
  • Conceal the electrical wiring within the tube
  • Assembly screws included (ceiling fasteners not provided)
  • Heater angle may be set to straight down, 15, or 30 degrees to direct the heat where it’s needed
  • Lowers a Tungsten Electric heater 3 feet from the ceiling height to achieve the ideal height of 8 feet off the ground
  • Tubes can be cut if a shorter distance to the ceiling is needed
  • Heaters should be suspended no lower than 8 feet from the ground
  • Heater(s) not included

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Tube Suspension Kit 900mm (3’) Tungsten Electric Black, Tube Suspension Kit 900mm (3’) Tungsten Electric White

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