THSS 2 Lamp Series Mul-T-Mount Electric Infrared Heater

Starts at: $798.72

Overhead infrared heaters for snow & ice control, outdoor spot heating and all indoor heating applications

Heater can be suspended, totally exposed (outdoor), high-bay (indoor) comfort heating and exterior snow & ice control applications.

Made in USA

  • Listed for Recessed applications
  • 20-gauge powder coated steel or stainless steel housings
  • Gold anodized Aluminum reflectors & end caps
  • 2 Lamp wiring, single phase
  • Stainless steel models have a non-corrosive housing, hardware and brackets, no ferrous metals used in the unit. Durable in harsh atmospheres and outdoor environments
  • High temperature lead wires
  • Clear 12mm diameter Quartz Lamps included
  • Elements provide a bright light, generating 8 lumens per watt

Additional information


208V, 240V, 277V, 480V

Degree Symmetrical

30 Degrees, 60 Degrees, 90 Degrees


3200 Watts, 5000 Watts, 7300 Watts


11,000, 17,000, 25,000


20 lbs, 25lbs, 32lbs

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