Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric 316 Marine

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Bromic Heaters Our high-quality outdoor heaters and accessories have been developed & engineered specifically for marine applications and coastal environments. Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric Marine heaters are designed to enrich the comfort experience of owners of coastal residences and superyachts & guests on cruise ships

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Model Number2300W Series3400W Series4500W Series
Fuel TypeElectricElectricElectric
ColorBlack or WhiteBlack or WhiteBlack or White
Heat Area65ft2108ft2143ft2
Rated Current230 – 240V/9.6A230 – 240V/14.2A220-240V/18.8A
Minimum Floor ClearanceWall 72″ | Ceiling 96″Wall 72″ | Ceiling 96″Wall 72″ | Ceiling 96″
Mounting Options2300W Series3400W Series4500W Series
Ceiling Mount
Wall Mount
Recessed | Flush Mount
Ceiling Pole Mount
Control Options2300W Series3400W Series4500W Series
On | Off
Master Remote*
* Control up to six zones of heaters with unlimited heaters per zone from a single control. Works only with dimming controllers. Control operates within 30m (~100′) of heaters

Full Deckhead Integration Capacity Blending seamlessly into the deckhead with our versatile and innovative recess mounting solutions. Premium Quality Construction Made in high-quality, AISI316-grade stainless steel suitable for use in marine environments and tested to the highest standards Sealed Heating Element Technology Sealed compartment with high-performance heating elements to prevent corrosion. Low Maintenance Ceramic Glass Screen Available in white or black finish, the translucent ceramic glass screen spreads radiant heat evenly across a large area & minimizes light emission. Smart Heat Controller Dimmer Regulate heat to your preference. Simple and easy to use, with remote control & smart system compatibility.

Remote Controllers: We have 3 remote options that are compatible with the Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Marine series. The in-built radio transmitter offers control from up to 30m (~100′) away and is entirely portable, although it can be easily mounted with double-sided adhesive due to its light weight or with screw provisions within the case. 1.        On/Off Controller BH3130010-1 This switch supplies power to two separate circuits, enabling either on or off functionality of up to two electric heaters. 2.       Dimmer Controller BH3130011-1 This remote allows dimming of two electric heaters, by adjusting the percentage output in increments of 1%. Present outputs of 25%, 50% & 75% are also available as buttons on the controller. 3.       Master Controller BH3130012 only compatible with the BH3130011-1 Dimmer This controller offers complete comfort control on a grand scale. It can adjust six heaters from a single point and is a must for larger venues.

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2300 Watts, 3400 Watts, 4500 Watts


Black, White

Fuel Type


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