Solaira Malibu 240V 6000W Fixed Location Electric Heater




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Solaira Malibu electric set a benchmark design with it’s minimal but elegant aesthetics, combined with it’s solid and robust aluminum engineered construciton. This heater incorporates three heaters with offer up to 6,000 Watt of 360 degree heat. The Malibu heater is freestanding which offers an alternative to wall mounted models and offer much greater versatility in terms of where you require heat, especially in restaurant settings.

Ideal for restaurants, valet, restaurant patio, driving ranges, security gate houses, area seating, community centers, place of worship, zoos and outdoor entertainment complexes.


  • Electric
  • Fixed/Pernament Location
  • Offers 360 Degree Direction, Heats up to 300 Sq Ft
  • Simple Contractor Assembly
  • IP55 Rated and Can Be Exposed To All Outdoor Elements (Snow/Wind/Rain)
  • Height of 98″, Width 40″
  • Black, Electric, 240 Volt, 6000 Watts
  • Heavy Duty Epoxy Powder Coated Aluminum Structure

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