Solaira SMaRT Occupancy (Motion) Control SMRTOCC

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SMaRT Occupancy Monitor Controller for Solaira For outdoor or indoor applications, Built in user settable temperature, SPE-1000 listed.



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Controller is designed to be used with infrared heaters or other heating and lighting products.
Built in passive Infrared sensor allows the heaters to automatically switch on only when patrons
are detected.


  • Occupancy Monitoring
  • Built in user settable temperature
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Soft Start Technology
  • Water Resistant Enclosure Design
  • Outdoor or indoor applications
  • SPE-1000 listed

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Occupancy On/Off Control Up to 4000W, 208/240V Only, Occupancy On/Off Control Up to 6000W, 208/240V Only

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