Bromic Platinum Electric Heater Low Clearance Ceiling Recess Kit Marine Grade

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Your Bromic Platinum Smart Heat Electric Marine Grade heaters can be seamlessly integrated with these unique recess kits which permit flush-mounting in roof cavities as small as 7.1”. Suitable for both new build or retrofit and is UL Certified for safety.


  • Reduced Installation Clearances: Solution fits within standard ceiling joists, reducing installation clearances when recessing your heaters. This means you can install your outdoor heaters in a tight space without worrying about creating a fire-resistant box or clearance required for standard recess kits.
  • Compact Size: The required clearance cavity for the kit is 82% smaller than standard recess kits. It’s compact size makes it ideal for installations where space may be limited.
  • No Framing Necessary: With the Low Clearance Recess Kit, building a frame around your outdoor heaters is unnecessary. The product comes ready to install, which makes installation a breeze.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: This product provides an elegant and discreet way to add heaters to your outdoor space.
  • Temperature Control: This Low Clearance Recess Kit has ventilation to ensure proper temperature control within the ceiling cavity. This ensures that your outdoor heaters don’t overheat, which could a safety hazard.

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Platinum Electric Low Clearance Recess Kit MG 2300W, Platinum Electric Low Clearance Recess Kit MG 3400W, Platinum Electric Low Clearance Recess Kit MG 4500W

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