5600 Series Multiple Wattage Fan Forced Unit Heater

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Made in the USA

  • Casing & Construction: Fabricated of die formed, heavy gauge steel and finished with two tone brown & beige a long with durable powder coated paint. Supply air is drawn through the rear heavy duty expanded steel inlet grill. Heated air is discharged through the front adjustable louvers, which are spring loaded for individual adjustment.
  • Element: Heavy duty block fin element design. Multiple tap electric connection design allows field conversion to eight wattages settings at 208/240 Volt single pahse or 240/480 Volt, 3 phase.
  • Motor: Motor is totally enclosed, permanently lubricated, all angle industrial rated with thermal overload protection.
  • Wiring: Wiring to terminal block adjacent to incoming knockout in accordance with NEC and local codes.
  • Thermal Overload: All heaters will be equipped with an automatic reset thermal cutout to shut down the element and motor circuits if unsafe operating temps are exceeded.
  • Controls: This heater shall have a heavy duty hydraulic thermostat factory installed and wired. All controls and wiring will be in a large wiring compartment with hinged door for easy access. Optional disconnect switch shall be available for field installaion.
  • Mounting: Heaters are standard with a three position mounting bracket for wall, ceiling or workbench. Heaters can be mounted for horizontal or vertical discharge. NOTE: Approved for residential applications.

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1900 Watts, 2500 Watts, 3100 Watts, 3300 Watts, 3700 Watts, 4100 Watts, 5000 Watts


6,400, 8,500, 10,700, 11,400, 12,800, 14,200, 17,000


20.8 Amps, 17.4 Amps, 13.9 Amps, 10.4 Amps, 18 Amps, 15 Amps, 12 Amps, 9 Amps, 12.1 Amps, 6.1 Amps, N/A


208 Volts, 240 Volts, 480 Volts

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